iQR Code is a matrix-type 2D code allowing easy reading of its position and size. This code allows a wide size range of codes from ones smaller than the traditional QR Code and Micro QR Code to large ones that can store more data than these.
This code can be printed as a rectangular code, turned-over code, black-and-white inversion code or dot pattern code (direct part marking) as well, allowing a wide range of applications in various areas.

*iQR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.

Features of iQR Code

Feature 1: High rate of information packing

iQR Code can hold a greater amount of information than the traditional QR Code. An iQR Code of the same size as an existing QR Code can hold 80% more information than the latter. If the same amount is stored, an iQR Code can be made 30% smaller (compared to the regular QR Code).

Feature 2: Reduced size

Using iQR Code, smaller-sized codes than the regular QR Code can be generated.
The minimum size consists of 11 by 11 modules for the regular QR Code. On the other hand, it is 9 by 9 modules for the iQR Code. The area required for this code can be reduced by up to roughly 60% compared to the regular code.

Feature 3: Use of rectangular modules

iQR Code with rectangular modules, as well as square ones, can be generated. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to overwrite it with a space where a barcode is and to print it on cylindrical products while maintaining the code's readability, which is difficult with codes made up of square modules.

Feature 4: High data capacity

With the iQR Code, you can generate codes that can hold more information than possible with a QR Code.
The number of characters that can be stored by the largest version of the QR Code (177 by 177 modules) is about 7,000. iQR Code, on the other hand, can hold about 40,000 characters in its largest version (422 by 422 modules).
(When the characters are all numerals.)

Feature 5: High restoration capability

With iQR, you can set a higher restoration capability than with the traditional QR Code.
The error correction level is up to 30% of the entire code for the QR Code, meaning it is possible to restore the code with this percentage of smeared or damaged area. On the other hand, this is increased to 50% with the iQR Code.

Specification of iQR Code

  iQR Code QR Code(Micro QR)
Version configuration 1 (9 x 9 modules) to 61 (422 x 422 modules)
R1(5 x 19 modules) to R15(43 x 131 modules)
QR Code: 1 (21 x 21 modules) to 40 (177 x 177 modules)
Micro QR: M1(11 x 11 modules) to M4 (17 x 17 modules)
Error correction level L(7%),M(15%),Q(25%),H(30%),S(50%) L(7%),M(15%),Q(25%),H(30%)
Character mode Numeral, text (Mode A/B/C), Kanji, binary Numeral, alphanumeric, Kanji, binary
Structured append-
-ing function
16 divisions 16 divisions (QR Code only)
Special code
Square, Rectangul
Turned-over, black-and-white inversion, dot pattern
Turned-over, black-and-white inversion, dot pattern
Other GS1-ready, data compaction mode GS1-ready (QR Code only)
Margin 1 module (2 modules for 2-byte characters) 4 modules (2 modules for Micro QR)

Data storage capacity of iQR Code

With a square code

iQR Code is rich in variations of the module configuration.
With a square code, the minimum 9 x 9 module size code can store 6 numerals, and the maximum 422 x 422 module size code, about 40,000 characters.

[Number of modules and data storage capacity (abridged)]
Module iQR Code QR/
Micro QR Code
9 6    
10     6
11 12 5  
12     10
13 21 8  
14     16
15 33 18  
16     24
17 45 30  
18     36
19 60    
20     44
21 81 34  
22     60
23 97    
24     72
25 123 63  
: : : :
422 40,637 - -

* Numeric data
Error correction level: equivalent to 7%

With a rectangular code

With a rectangular code, the minimum 5 x 19 module size code can store 6 numerals, and the maximum 43 x 131 module size code, about 1200 characters.

[Number of modules and data storage capacity (abridged)]
Module configuration iQR Code DataMatrix
Vertical horizontal
5 19 6  
5 29 13  
7 19 26  
8 18   10
8 32   20
9 29 39  
9 35 50  
11 35 67  
12 26   32
12 36   44
13 35 83  
16 36   64
: : : :
43 131 1,202 -

Types of QR Code

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QR Code Model 1and Model 2

Micro QR Code

Micro QR Code

iQR Code

iQR Code



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