Point for generating a QR Code

Take note of points to focus on and cautions when actually generating or printing a QR Code.

Point for setting the module size

In order to generate a QR Code that is easy to read, you have to set the size of the module (small black square) taking into consideration the capabilities of the printer for printing QR Codes and the reading device.

Point for determining the code area (size)

A margin is required around a QR Code.
The area of the QR Code is determined in the end from its version, the module size and margin size.

Examples of problems encountered in reading a code

QR Codes can be read reliably when codes that follow the QR Code standards are clearly printed. QR Codes that are distorted due to image processing or decorated ones* may not be readable.

*A code that looks like a QR Code but does not follow the standards cannot be called a QR Code.

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QR Code generation softwares

QR Code generation softwares by DENSO WAVE

DENSO WAVE has a lineup of QR Code generation programs described below that are tailored to specific needs.

QRdraw Ad

Software for generating QR Code after installing on a PC. It is capable of a variety of barcodes as well and is equipped with an OLE automation function.

QRmaker Ad

ActiveX control that has an application created with a development language such as VisualBasic that supports the QR Code generation function.。