Introducing reading devices

Handy scanners

Hand-held scanner to read codes
Data read in is processed by a PC or the like connected with cables or by radio signals.
Line-up of small, lightweight and sturdy models. Variations in terms of their capabilities in terms of reading distance, resolution etc. are also available to make them suitable for a particular usage or environment.

Handy terminals

Information processing devices that can not only read QR Codes, but also can store and process the data read in. Windows CE, maker's own OS and other OS's can be installed on these devices. They can be put to a wide range of usages depending on applications installed on them and their communications capabilities.

Fixed scanners

Scanners that are used after placing it on a desktop, or embedding it in other devices.
Data read in is processed connected to a PC or the like with cables.
Other than embedding in an admission gate and a production line, this type can be used to read QR Codes on coupons and tickets after placed on a counter in a ordinary store and in an event venue.