SQRC is a type of QR Code equipped with reading restricting function. This can be used to store private information and to manage company's internal information and the like.

* This functionality does not mean guaranteed securing of coded data.

SQRC is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan in many other countries.

Features of SQRC

Feature 1: Locking up of encoded data

SQRC can be read only by specific types of scanners.
* This functionality does not guarantee that the coded data is secure.

Feature 2: Composite of public and private data

Data for SQRC consists of public part and private part. With SQRC, it is possible to store 2 control levels of information in one code.

Feature 3: Appearance and apparent properties of regular
QR Code retained

Appearance of SQRC is no different from the regular QR Code.
Functionalities that come with the regular QR Code including error correction function are all retained.